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Social and political upheavals impact our relationship with the environment, turning it from leisure and resource to one of shelter and survival. Through elements of cityscapes, vegetation, and light, my work highlights the emergence, endurance, and demise of beings, reflecting on the delicate balance of ecosystems, the consequences of power structures, and the natural cycles of life and death. I mobilize the formal tension of painting as outwardly static but inwardly charged, pushing beyond the limitations of coherent logic and conveying the deep complexity of life's impalpable connections and hidden phenomena.

The constant state of tension manifests vividly in bursting-with-color, large-scale paintings. Painting is a continuous process of becoming, where each brush stroke, as a fleeting moment in time, reaches over into another, forming interconnected, ever-changing layers of existence. Through layers of paint, built architecture and architecture of time meet on the surface of the canvas, creating opportunities for new forms of life to come into existence. 




Volha (Lola) Panco (b. Minsk, Belarus) studied Academic Drawing and Painting at the Belarusian
State Academy of Art before moving to the United States in 2012. Currently residing in Phoenix,
Arizona, she is a final year MFA candidate at Arizona State University. Panco's work has won numerous awards, including Gayle J Novak and Robert D. Cocke Award in Painting, Arizona Artists Guild Marigold Linton Scholarship, and Herbert Smith Graduate Fellowship. It has been featured in the Washington Post, Fine Art Connoisseur, and Metropolitan Magazine. Her drawings and paintings have been privately collected throughout the US and are held in the permanent collection of Salisbury University and the Galbut Foundation.

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