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Time as change, as duration, as being and becoming haunt us. Abrupt shifts and spatiotemporal discontinuities mark how we process time as remembering, thinking, and dreaming. These discontinuities present alternative spatiotemporal patterns where the perception of the universe is 'time is out of joint' in the polyphonic clashes of different planes and the disorientation of crumbling architecture, abstraction, levitation, and suspended contemplation. I follow these mental discontinuities of experience by using an associative linking method that references memory to construct images in which manifold different elements are contiguous and reach over into each other. In this process, dilapidated buildings from personal archives, ambiguously in the process of being demolished or reconstructed, become manifest embodiments of the passage of time. Built architecture, the architecture of the memory, the shaping of the mind, and the architectures of time meet on the surface of the canvas.




Lola Panco (b. Minsk, Belarus) studied Academic Drawing and Painting at the Belarusian
State Academy of Art before moving to the United States in 2012. Currently residing in Phoenix,
Arizona, she is a final year MFA candidate at Arizona State University. Panco's work seeks to comprehend time: time as change, as duration, and as an all- encompassing reservoir of existence. Panco is interested in memory as a phenomenon that disrupts the linear progression of events and creates alternative spatiotemporal patterns and narrative discontinuity. Painting allows her to fragment reality and reorganize it into a dialectical framework, where new perspectives emerge from the collision of disparate visual elements, pieces of the past, and imagined futures.
Panco's work has won numerous awards, including Gayle J Novak and Robert D. Cocke
Award in Painting, Arizona Artists Guild Marigold Linton Scholarship, and Herbert Smith
Graduate Fellowship. It has been featured in the Washington Post, Fine Art Connoisseur, and
Metropolitan Magazine. Her drawings and paintings have been privately collected throughout the US and are held in the permanent collection of Salisbury University and the Galbut Foundation.

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